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New arrivals·Topics


  • Information on the Hotel Monarch Tottori will be sent promptly.

Our response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection

  • With the spread of new coronavirus-related pneumonia,

    We consider the health and safety of our customers and hotel staff,

    We will respond by wearing a mask.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Information on non-smoking rooms

  • Non-smoking rooms

    With the revised Health Promotion Act, which will be fully enforced from April 1, 2020,
    Some rooms will be offered from February 1, 2020, and all rooms will be offered from March 1, 2020.
    It was decided to quit smoking.
    Under such circumstances, there is a rare case where a cigarette is smoked in a guest room,
    In such a case, the next guest will be inconvenienced and in some cases
    The room may not be available for sale.
    In the unlikely event that smoking is allowed and the room can no longer be sold,
    Since we may charge you, including compensation during the room sales suspension period,
    If you are considering staying or making a reservation at this hotel, we would appreciate it if you could be aware of it in advance.
    (※The same applies if you smoke an electronic cigarette. )
    Please refrain from smoking in the rooms and hallways, but cigarettes (including electronic cigarettes)
    Smoking rooms are available near the 1st floor lobby and 2nd floor banquet hall.
    There may be times when you want to quit smoking in your guest room,
    We will strive to improve customer satisfaction so that we can provide a more comfortable stay in the future.
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Smoking room installed·Non-smoking information in this facility

  • Installation of smoking rooms·Non-smoking information in this facility

    Hotel Monarque Tottori, from November 1, 2019 for smokers,
    Smoking rooms have been installed in two locations near the 1st floor lobby and 2nd floor banquet hall.
    As we are fully equipped with ventilation equipment so that cigarette smoke and smell do not flow out,
    Please feel free to use. In addition, with the installation of smoking rooms, restaurants on the first floor,
    The tea lounge and public spaces in the facility are non-smoking throughout the day.
    We are
    Each banquet hall and multi-purpose room will be non-smoking from January 1, 2020.
    Let me do it.
    We apologize for any inconvenience you may have, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation in smoke separation.
    Thank you for your consideration.

Wanted name for "Wooper Looper"!

  • We are looking for the name of Wooper Looper who is welcoming you at the front desk of Hotel Monarch Tottori.
    One of the winners will receive a “Hotel Monarque Tottori Pair Accommodation Invitation Ticket (with Breakfast Buffet)” and “Memorial Gift”.
    We look forward to many applications.

    ■Call for Names
    ■Application period Must arrive by Wednesday, January 15, 1980-Sunday, March 15
    ■How to apply Please fill in the necessary information and apply by mail, bring or email.Anyone can apply for one item per person.
    ■Necessary items ① Name of Wooper Looper
           ②Applicant's address, name, age, telephone number, nickname
    ■Application / Contact
           〒680-0834 403 Eiraku Onsen Town, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture
           Hotel Monarque Tottori Front Desk
           Phone 0857-20-0101
           Email event@hotel-monarque.jp
            ※If you are applying by e-mail, please write "Oops Looper Name Wanted" in the subject.
    ■prize    Hotel Monarque Tottori"Pair stay invitation ticket (with breakfast buffet)" and"Souvenir"
            ※Only one recruiter(If there are multiple hires, one will be presented by lot)
            ※Winners will be announced by nickname and prefecture on Hotel Monarch Tottori's website and various SNS.
    ■Announcement of name It is scheduled for the lower season of March, Reiwa 2
           In addition to notifying the person directly, announcements will be made on the Hotel Monarch Tottori website and various SNS.

Warm Sweets & Drink Fair | Period:2020.2 / 1 to 3/31 |

  • 【Limited Time Only】Warm sweets & drink fair held‼

    1F tea lounge【La Poire】
    ●Warm sweets & drink fair now being held!
    It is a festival of warm sweets and drinks by female staff of Hotel Monarch Tottori ♡

    ·Honey Tea Party (with one drink) ¥ 1500 
      ※You can choose your favorite 3 kinds from 5 kinds of honey of Tottori City"Fukuda Apiary".
    ·Yuzu tea, ¥ 450
      ※Choose from hot and ice☆
        (In the case of ice, soda can be discounted at +100 yen)
    ·HOT apple pie (with one drink) ¥ 800
      ※Single items are available for ¥ 500. 
    ·Kuzu Shiratama Zenzai (with one drink) ¥ 850
     ※Single items are available for ¥ 500.

    "business hours", 10:00 to 19:00

【Hotel charm】

  • The only hot spring in the prefecture office, "Tottori Onsen"
    Hotel Monarque Tottori has a private source,
    You can enjoy a natural hot spring in the hotel.
    Sodium sulfur salt / chloride fountain, smooth skin,
    It is gentle and gentle, healing from the core of the body warmly.
  • Satisfied cuisine will remain in memory forever.
    Hotel Monarque Tottori, you can enjoy seafood,
    We use fresh local ingredients abundantly.
    Changing the menu every season,
    You can enjoy different flavors when you come.
    In order to make another meal that you want to eat again,
    The chefs are polishing their arms every day.
  • Hotel Monarque Tottori,
    There are staff who love talking with customers.
    There are staff who want to see your smile.
    There is a staff who cries with the customer.
    To make our guests feel at home,
    There are staff who do everything possible.
    Connecting with customers is Hotel Monarque Charm of Tottori of Hotel Monarque Charm of Tottori.
  • Hotel Monarque Tottori,
    We are preparing various types of rooms.
    Please spend some time in business.
    With families in a bustle
    Be lively with your friends
    Loose with couples and couples ...
    You can use it for each purpose.
    Please choose the room best for you.
  • 7 minutes on foot from Tottori Station.
    Hotel is located in the heart of the Tottori City,
    Downtowns and public offices are also nearby, so it is safe for those coming by JR and those who are new to JR.
    It is also a 20-minute drive from Tottori sand dunes.
    15 minutes by car from Tottori Airport,
    It is excellent location for sightseeing as well as business.
  • Hotel Monarque Tottori is
    Free parking is provided.
    For Tottori prefecture sightseeing, smooth movement by car is smooth.
    Guests, banquets, restaurants, hot springs, etc.,
    Hotel Monarque Tottori you are visiting Hotel Monarque Tottori,
    Available for free.