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New arrivals·Topics


  • Information on the Hotel Monarch Tottori will be sent promptly.

Notice of exterior wall waterproofing and painting

  • Thank you very much for your special thanks to Hotel Monarque Tottori.
    This time, we decided to carry out "Waterproofing and painting work on the outside wall of the annex" on the following schedule.


    ·Construction period(plans), September 2, 1980(Month) ~ December 10 (fire)
    ·Possible time of construction (planned), 10:00, ..., 15:00
    ·Construction details, External scaffolding construction/Exterior wall waterproof, as well as, Exterior wall painting work

    During the construction period, the hotel and restaurant PATRIE will be open as usual.
    During work, we will proceed with great care, but during the period the hotel annex
    Since the scaffolding is built on the outer wall and covered with a sheet, the customer will be inconvenienced.
    I apologize deeply for this.
    In addition, unwillingly staying in an annex room with a staying guest cannot see the view
    It will be a room and you may hear the sound of construction. For covering the sheet
    Therefore, it will be performed intermittently due to the weather (bad weather).
    We apologize for the inconvenience of our customers, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
    Thank you.

    If you have a significant impact on your stay due to the above construction, please contact the hotel's front desk
    We ask you to ask our staff without hesitation.

                                           that's all

World's largest German beer festival "Oktoberfest 2019" is held!

  • Oktoberfest 2019 held!

    We will welcome Yodel Kitagawa Sakura as a guest and hold the world's largest German beer festival in Monarch again this year!
    Eat, drink, sing and dance! There is no doubt that it swells! It is a participatory fun show!

    ■Schedule, September 26, 2019(wood), 27th(Money)2 days of

    ■time, From reception 18:30, Opening 19:00, ※Both days

    ■Charge, 5,000 yen (tax·Service Fee included)
      ※All you can drink beer & buffet style food
      ※Advance reservation is required

Autumn Sweets & Drink Fair | Period: 2019.9 / 1 to 11/30 |

  • 【Limited Time Only】Autumn sweets & drink fair held‼

    1F tea lounge【La Poire】
    ●Autumn sweets & drink fair now being held!

    It is a celebration of sweets and drinks by female staff of hotel Monarch Tottori 取

    ·Tapioca I, ¥ 600, ※You can choose from strawberry milk, cafe au lait, matcha milk
    ·A good parfait shake, ¥ 600, "Choose from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry"
    ·Honey Pancake Set, ¥ 1200
      ※With one drink. We use honey of Fukuda apiary in Kokufu-cho, Tottori City
    ·Hojicha Pafe, ¥ 750, ※Please enjoy with black honey

    "business hours", 10:00 to 19:00

Now accepting reservations for New Year dishes!

  • ●Hotel Monarque Tottori original “Osechi cuisine”

    Enjoy the luxurious ingredients of Hotel Monarch Tottori's Chief Chef & Chef Passion at the beginning of the new year.
    How about the New Year dishes that are used dynamically?
    Please enjoy the gorgeous New Year dishes that celebrate the beginning of the year.
    ■New Year dishes, Japanese-Western double-tiered, 28,000 yen (tax included)
    ■Reservation until Saturday, December 28, 2019
    ■Delivery date, December 31, 2019 (Tuesday) from noon to 18:00
    ■Handing over place, Hotel Monarque Tottori, 1st floor front desk
    ■It will be charged at the time of payment, advance payment or delivery of goods.
    ◎ “Tottori local sake” will be given to everyone who orders!

    【Advantageous discount】 If you order by the end of November 2019, you will receive a 1,000 yen discount!

    ※New Year dishes are limited in number. Please forgive me when sold out.

【Hotel charm】

  • The only hot spring in the prefecture office, "Tottori Onsen"
    Hotel Monarque Tottori has a private source,
    You can enjoy a natural hot spring in the hotel.
    Sodium sulfur salt / chloride fountain, smooth skin,
    It is gentle and gentle, healing from the core of the body warmly.
  • Satisfied cuisine will remain in memory forever.
    Hotel Monarque Tottori, you can enjoy seafood,
    We use fresh local ingredients abundantly.
    Changing the menu every season,
    You can enjoy different flavors when you come.
    In order to make another meal that you want to eat again,
    The chefs are polishing their arms every day.
  • Hotel Monarque Tottori,
    There are staff who love talking with customers.
    There are staff who want to see your smile.
    There is a staff who cries with the customer.
    To make our guests feel at home,
    There are staff who do everything possible.
    Connecting with customers is Hotel Monarque Charm of Tottori of Hotel Monarque Charm of Tottori.
  • Hotel Monarque Tottori,
    We are preparing various types of rooms.
    Please spend some time in business.
    With families in a bustle
    Be lively with your friends
    Loose with couples and couples ...
    You can use it for each purpose.
    Please choose the room best for you.
  • 7 minutes on foot from Tottori Station.
    Hotel is located in the heart of the Tottori City,
    Downtowns and public offices are also nearby, so it is safe for those coming by JR and those who are new to JR.
    It is also a 20-minute drive from Tottori sand dunes.
    15 minutes by car from Tottori Airport,
    It is excellent location for sightseeing as well as business.
  • Hotel Monarque Tottori is
    Free parking is provided.
    For Tottori prefecture sightseeing, smooth movement by car is smooth.
    Guests, banquets, restaurants, hot springs, etc.,
    Hotel Monarque Tottori you are visiting Hotel Monarque Tottori,
    Available for free.