Hotel Monarque Tottori is operating by changing some business hours and menus while thoroughly implementing "new coronavirus infection prevention measures" in this facility.

【Official】Hotel Monarque Tottori

GoTo Travel Campaign

  • About Go To Travel Campaign

    The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Tourism Agency's "Go To Travel Campaign" has been running since July 22, 2020, but Hotel Monarque Tottori is registered as a participant in this campaign.

    ※From trips starting on or after October 1, 2020, trips to residents of Tokyo are also eligible for the GoTo Travel Campaign.We are accepting reservations from noon on September 18, 2020.

    Please refer to "Go To Travel Campaign" above for reservation procedures from the hotel website.

New Teppanyaki Lunch/Dinner Menu!

  • About the teppanyaki course

    Teppanyaki is now available at Hotel Monarque Tottori"Restaurant PATRIE"!

    We will bake Tottori Wagyu Beef and vegetables from From Tottori Prefecture front of you.
    The fragrant aroma, the sound of roasting meat, and the dripping gravy are appetizing.
    Please enjoy the "Teppanyaki course" that you can enjoy with all five senses.

    ※In addition to the dinner course, we also offer a handy lunch course.

Autumn trip! Tottori Drive Campaign

  • Autumn trip! About Tottori Drive Campaign 《September 19th to November 8th, 2020》

    Only for customers who have booked the "1 night 2 meals plan" on the official website of Hotel Monarque Tottori!
    Customers arriving by car or rental car will receive a "free admission ticket for one major tourist destination" and a "gasoline refueling 2000 yen coupon" on a first-come, first-served basis!
    Visit sightseeing spots by car and enjoy Tottori at a great value☆
     ※One coupon will be given to each group at check-in.
      At check-in, please inform the staff that you are coming by car.
     ※Even within the period, it will end when the upper limit is reached.
     ※Cannot be used in combination with the Tottori City Accommodation Campaign.
     ※Can be used with the GoTo Travel Campaign.

Hotel Facilities

  • ●Banquet Hall

    7 minutes on foot from JR Tottori Station. In the Tottori City Region blessed with a rich natural environment
    City hotel in the center.
    There is a hot spring springing at the prefectural office's place, unusual in the country, it is rich in efficacy and it is on the skin
    You can enjoy a friendly home sauce.
    To the beautiful skin of slippery in Oshidori-no-yu spring public bath "Oshidori-no-yu"!
    At the banquet, you can enjoy a special meal using local ingredients fresh ingredients luxuriously,
    A wide variety of dishes can be enjoyed including western food course.Celebrations and parties,
    Please enjoy the rich flavor of Tottori in the calm space of the hotel.
  • ●Shops【Ansur】

    In addition to popular souvenirs in Tottori prefecture, we hold various events every month!

    ●Featured item of this month
    Pudding using "white rose coffee" has appeared.
    Moderate sweetness and smooth throat are perfect for this season☆
    It is also a perfect souvenir for Tottori.
    Please refrigerate and enjoy.

    4 pieces/¥ 1,080(tax included)
    2 pieces/¥ 540(tax included)
  • ~Product introduction~

    (From top left)
    ●Large furoshiki
     Sanin pear mitsu from Sanin specialty.
       【price】¥ 1,080 (tax included)

    ●Grilled rice crackers
     Fragrant, A popular rice cracker.
       "Price" 14 sheets/¥ 648(tax included) 30 sheets/¥ 1,080(tax included) 42 sheets/¥ 1,620(tax included)

    ●Country maam white rose coffee
     New Country Maam is available! Ideal for souvenirs.
       【price】¥ 756 (tax included)

    (From bottom left)
    ●Sand dunes sable
      Uses high-flavored beans "Dune Dunhuang".
       【price】¥ 648 (tax included)

     Get to know people who were introduced in magazines! Kamakura sweets.
       【price】5 pieces / ¥ 724(tax included), 8 pieces / ¥ 1,167

    ●Sakyu Japanese Shallot
     There are 4 types such as spicy and plum vinegar. There is blood thrushing effect!
       【price】¥ 540(tax included)
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7 minutes walk from JR Tottori Station North Exit
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