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Hotel Monarque Tottori

【Official】Hotel Monarque Tottori

Hotel Monarque Tottori is an urban hotel with an impressive European Renaissance appearance.Relax in the Tottori Onsen public bath! From business, tourism, formal to casual, we welcome you with warm hospitality to meet all your needs.

For guests who are staying by car

  • Notice of parking fee charge accompanying staying

    Thank you for using Hotel Monarque Tottori.
    In order to maintain the quality and safety of the parking lot, we will charge the hotel parking lot as follows.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    【start date】   Accommodation reservation application after April 10, 2023
    【Charge】   Car (private car)/motorcycle 1 night 500 yen(tax included)
    【Payment method】 Please pay at the front desk
    ※We are very sorry, but we cannot guarantee the parking lot.
    ※Customers who make reservations before April 9, 2023 are free of charge.