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【Official】Hotel Monarque Tottori

Hotel Monarque Tottori is an urban hotel with an impressive European Renaissance appearance.Relax in the Tottori Onsen public bath! From business, tourism, formal to casual, we welcome you with warm hospitality to meet all your needs.

Notice of change in business content

  • We are changing business hours and business contents

    Regarding the spread of the new coronavirus infection, for the safety of our customers and employees, we are taking thorough measures to prevent infection in this facility, while shortening some time and changing the service content.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand.

Nationwide Travel Assistance “Welcani Tottori Tokuwari”

  • Now accepting reservations for "Well Crab Tottori Tokuwari"!

    ◆Period January 10 (Tuesday) to March 31, 2023(Friday)
     ※If you make a reservation on the hotel's Official website or by phone after December 16, 2022 (Friday), you can get a discount at the hotel.
     ※In addition, if you apply through a travel agency or OTA site (Jalan net, Rakuten Travel, etc.), please check with the place where you applied.
     ※It will end as soon as the budget limit is reached.

    Please see below for details such as discounts and terms of use.

Information on day trip hot spring bathing time

  • Guidance

    Available from 12:30 to 15:00
    ※Banquet guests are available from 12:30 to 24:00, and guests are available from 12:30 to 24:00 and 6:00 to 9:30.

Information for breakfast

  • Notice of change in breakfast service method

    At Hotel Monarque Tottori, breakfast was served as a Japanese/Western and half buffet, but from February 1, 2023 (Wednesday), it will be changed to a buffet style.

    We sincerely appreciate your continued patronage.

    【Breakfast fee】
    Large person ¥ 1,815(tax included)
    Elementary school student ¥ 968(tax included)

    ※Breakfast must be reserved by the day before.
    ※In order to avoid the crowded breakfast venue, the breakfast start time must be reserved at check-in.
     (We also accept advance reservations for your time.)
    ※Breakfast on 1/1 and 1/2 is "New Year dishes" ¥ 3,630 (tax included).

26th Anniversary Commemorative "Thank You plan" Appears!

  • Limited time "thank you plan" | 11/1 to 3/31 |

    Hotel Monarque Tottori was able to celebrate its 26th anniversary.To express our gratitude to the people of Tottori who have been taking care of us on a daily basis, we have prepared two types of special mixed Japanese and Western-style menus using local Tottori ingredients.

    ◆Japanese & Western mixed special course Fumon 6,000 JPY(Tax and service charge included)/Meteor 5,000 yen(Tax and service charge included)
    ◆Menu Appetizer,Fate,Simmered dishes,pottery,Fried food,sushi,Sweets
    ※Not available from 12/31 to 1/3.
    ※Please make a reservation by 12:00 noon the day before.Reservations are accepted from 2 people.
    ※The all-you-can-drink plan is 2,500 yen for 2 hours and 2,200 yen for 1.5 hours.

Introducing the winter taste "Crab plan"!

  • We offer 3 types of crab course.

    Speaking of Tottori's winter taste, after all "crab"!
    We have prepared 3 types of crab course this year.
    Please take this opportunity to enjoy the crab course at Hotel Monarch Tottori.

    ◆Day Trip"Crab course"
    ·3 Kinds of Yokubari Crab course ¥15,800 per person(Tax and service charge included) 
    ·Crab kaiseki meal 18,200 yen per person(Tax and service charge included)
    ·Snow crab &Tottori Wagyu Beef teppanyaki luxury course 24,200 yen per person(Tax and service charge included)

    ※There is also an accommodation plan"Crab course 
    ※For Matsuba crab, please contact us.

Monthly lunch information

  • Popular monthly lunch menu"Monthly lunch"

    Most Popular! It is a monthly lunch at the restaurant Patrie.
    Enjoy the Monarch special lunch menu that you can enjoy on a monthly basis.

    ■Monthly lunch 2,200 yen(tax included) 
     "Washoku" January 4th to 31st Mutsuki Lunch
     "Western food" February 1st to 28th Duo lunch
     ※Please make a reservation by noon the day before.

Teppanyaki lunch and dinner menu is now available!

  • About the teppanyaki course

    Teppanyaki is now available at Hotel Monarque Tottori"Restaurant PATRIE"!

    We will bake Tottori Wagyu Beef and vegetables from From Tottori Prefecture front of you.
    The fragrant aroma, the sound of roasting meat, and the dripping gravy are appetizing.
    Please enjoy the "Teppanyaki course" that you can enjoy with all five senses.

    ※In addition to the dinner course, we also offer a handy lunch course.

About using telework in guest rooms

  • You can telework in your room!

    Hotel Monarque Tottori accepts telework using hotel rooms from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infections.
     ·I can't get the job done at home.
     ·I want to concentrate in a quiet place because I have urgent materials.
    It can be used in various situations.

    -A nice point-
     ·Free Wi-Fi is available in this facility!
     ·You can use it for up to 8 hours!
     ·With drip coffee! (When you enter the room, you will receive it at the front desk.)
     ·Free hot spring bathing!

    【Open Hours】9:00 to 17:00
    【Charge】 5,670 yen(tax included) 
    【Room type】Single Room 
     ※Please contact us if you would like other rooms.

Tottori has been registered as an SDGs partner!

  • What is Tottori SDGs Partner?

    In Tottori Prefecture, where the birthrate is declining and the population is declining, all citizens of the prefecture can choose their own way of life and continue to live in Tottori with peace of mind. It is necessary to maintain the vitality of the region.By participating in the system as a partner of individuals, companies or organizations working on the SDGs in Tottori Prefecture, we will promote the SDGs together with Tottori Prefecture and work to contribute to the achievement of the goals of the SDGs.

Hotel Monarque Tottori has been certified as "Tottori Prefecture New Corona Countermeasure Certification Office"!

  • About "new corona measures certification establishment" certification system

    Hotel Monarque Tottori has been certified as the 16th "new corona countermeasure certification office" in Tottori prefecture and the first hotel in Tottori City.

    What is the difference between a "certified office" and a "sponsored store"?
    ●To be certified as a "certified office" ...
     As a general rule, it is necessary to apply all the items of the guideline, formulate a "procedure manual for countermeasures" that specifies specific countermeasures, and actually operate it.
    ●What is a "sponsored store"?
     If you can handle even one of the checklists for infection prevention measures, you can report as a "sponsored store".

    We will continue to strive to ensure that our customers can use our services with peace of mind.
    All employees are looking forward to your visit.

Hotel Facilities

  • Non-smoking rooms

    All guest rooms are non-smoking.
    Please refrain from smoking in the guest rooms and corridors, but do not smoke cigarettes (including electronic cigarettes).
    You can use the smoking rooms located near the lobby on the 1st floor and the banquet hall on the 2nd floor of the hotel.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will continue to strive to improve customer satisfaction so that we can provide you with a more comfortable stay. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Thank you.
  • ●Banquet Hall

    7 minutes walk from JR Tottori Station.In the Tottori City Region blessed with a rich natural environment
    City hotel in the center.
    There is a hot spring that springs up at the prefectural capital, which is rare in Japan, and it is highly effective and makes your skin feel good.
    You can enjoy a friendly home sauce.
    Make your skin smooth and beautiful at the hot spring bath "Oshidori-no-yu"!
    At the banquet, you can enjoy a special meal using local ingredients fresh ingredients luxuriously,
    A wide variety of dishes can be enjoyed including western food course.Celebrations and parties,
    Please enjoy the rich flavor of Tottori in the calm space of the hotel.
  • ●Shops【Ansur】

    In addition to popular souvenirs in Tottori prefecture, various events are held every month!

    ●Featured item of this month
    Pudding using "white rose coffee" has appeared.
    Moderate sweetness and smooth throat are perfect for this season☆
    It is also a perfect souvenir for Tottori.
    Please chill in the refrigerator and enjoy.

    4 pieces/¥ 1,080(tax included)
    2 pieces/¥ 540(tax included)
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About 5 minutes on foot from the north exit of JR Tottori Station
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