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Initiatives of SDGs

SDGs(17 Sustainable Development Goals)

What are SDGs?

  • SDGs is an abbreviation for "Sustainable Development Goals".

    "From 2016 to 2030" listed in the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" adopted by UN member states at the "UN Sustainable Development Summit" held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in September 2015. "International goals for the year".
    Aiming for everyone to enjoy peace and affluence, it is composed of "17 global goals" and "169 targets (achievement criteria)", and no one is left behind on the earth ("leave no one behind"). ") I swear.

    Hotel Monarque Tottori supports this "Sustainable Development Goal" advocated by the United Nations and believes that it is important to develop business toward the "realization of a sustainable society."
    Based on the characteristics of our business, we extract issues to be tackled from the goals of the SDGs, cooperate with staff, business partners, and local residents to solve them, and work on activities thinking about what we can do. I will come.

Hotel & Spa Hotel Monarque Tottori's SDGs

  • Hotel Monarque Tottori will work on SDGs that can contribute to the realization of a sustainable future.
  • ◎ Enjoy health and welfare for all.
    As a measure against second-hand smoke, we have set up smoking booths with smoke removal function at two locations in the facility so that our customers can spend their time comfortably.
  • ◎ Energy for everyone and clean
    All employees are working together to save electricity and water.
  • ◎ Responsibility to create Responsibility to use
    As a hotel where you can enjoy a large hot spring bath, we add groundwater to our own source and incorporate a circulation filtration device to make effective use of the limited water source.
  • ◎ Let's protect the richness of the sea
    All the plastic straws used in banquet halls and restaurants have been changed to paper straws, the ballpoint pens in the guest rooms have been changed to eco-ballpoint pens made of bamboo, and the amenities for hot spring baths have been changed to those made from rice husks. However, we are environmentally friendly by reducing plastic waste.
  • Hotel Monarque Tottori supports the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) efforts and is actively promoting environmental protection and efforts to improve the attractiveness of the city of Tottori.We believe that by achieving the above goals in a complex manner, we will be able to create a sustainable city and live comfortably.Our goal is to make our hometown Tottori a livable and energetic city by making more embodied efforts.