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  2. Corona virus countermeasures

Corona virus countermeasures

  • Thank you for your continued patronage.
    To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Hotel Monarque Tottori puts the health and safety of our customers and employees first, and takes the following measures so that our customers can use our services with peace of mind.
    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Certified as "Tottori Prefecture New Corona Countermeasure Certification Office"!

  • Hotel Monarque Tottori in Tottori Prefecture 16th as a "new type of corona measures authentication office", also as a hotel in Tottori City was first authentication.

    What is the difference between a "certified office" and a "sponsored store"?
    ●To be certified as a "certified office" ...
     As a general rule, it is necessary to apply all the items of the guideline, formulate a "procedure manual for countermeasures" that specifies specific countermeasures, and actually operate it.
    ●What is a "sponsored store"?
     If you can handle even one of the checklists for infection prevention measures, you can report as a "sponsored store".

    We will continue to strive to ensure that our customers can use our services with peace of mind.
    All employees are looking forward to your visit.

Request to customers

  • ·Please refrain from visiting the hotel if you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, fatigue, or difficulty in breathing, or if you are not feeling well.
     Even if you are not anxious about your physical condition, if you are elderly, have a basic illness, are pregnant, or are accompanied by preschool children, please refer to the information of the related organizations and make a careful judgment. I will.
    ·We ask for the cooperation of alcoholic disinfectants such as fingers.
    ·When you come to the hotel, we ask for the cooperation of wearing a mask to alleviate your anxiety.
     Also, please wear a mask inside the facility except when eating or drinking or bathing.
    ·We may provide guidance and guidance to maintain your social distance.
    ·In some cases, we may change the contents of menus and services and offer and guide you.

    We kindly ask for your understanding that we may be asked to cooperate depending on the situation.

Employee initiatives

  • ·All staff wear masks and face staff and sanitary gloves are worn by hospitality staff.
    ·Temperature checks/health checks when all staff are at work and restrictions on work for people with poor physical condition.
    ·Thorough hand washing and hand disinfection of all staff.
    ·Regular disinfection and ventilation of offices and common spaces.
    ·Alcohol disinfection upon delivery and admission of partner business partners,Request to wear a mask.
    ·Frequent washing of uniforms.
    ·Avoid crowds in the backyard, keep the rest room ventilated and limit the number of people, and refrain from face-to-face conversations and meals.

Main Initiatives of Hotel Monarque Tottori

  • 1. Addition of alcohol disinfectant

    We are working to create a safe and secure environment that is easier for customers to use by adding antiseptic solutions to the elevator halls, lobbies, restaurants, banquet halls, hotel shops, restrooms, etc. on each floor.We appreciate your cooperation in disinfecting your hands with alcohol.
  • 2. Implementation of temperature measurement for customers

    We carry out temperature measurements for guests staying at the hotel, restaurants and hot spring baths.Thank you for your cooperation.
  • 3. Limited number of seats in the lobby

    We ask for your cooperation so that the sofa in the lobby should be seated with your neighbor.
  • 4. Installation of acrylic board

    For the purpose of preventing splash infection, acrylic plates are installed at the front counter, business negotiation space, accounting desk, etc.
  • 5. Elevator,Use of escalator

    We have limited the number of people who can use the elevator.
    In addition, the waiting queues should be lined up with a sufficient gap.
    Similarly, when using the escalator, we ask that you use a sufficient space.
  • 6. Set footprint mark

    A footprint mark has been placed to maintain social distance.
    Please line up with the person in front of you.
  • 7. Regular disinfection

    Handrails for stairs and escalators, elevator buttons, vending machine buttons, etc.
    We carry out regular disinfection.
  • 8. Hot spring public bath

    At the dressing room, we have set up changing clothes baskets at intervals.
  • 9. Use of smoking room

    We limit the number of people who can use the smoking room.
    If you are waiting for use, please line up with sufficient space.
  • 10. At the time of payment

    We will use the cash tray for payment.

Overnight Stay

  •  ·A splash-preventing acrylic board is installed on the front counter.
     ·Display a waiting position in front of the front desk.
       ※When waiting for check-in or check-out, please line up at intervals. 
     ·Implementation of temperature measurement at check-in.
     ·Fill out the health check sheet at check-in.
     ·Regular disinfection of ballpoint pens and cash trays at the front counter.
     ·We will give you a written guide to the facilities and rooms.
     ·Thoroughly disinfect the returned room key.
     ·When cleaning the guest room, thoroughly disinfect the door knob and the parts that the customer frequently touches with alcohol.
     ·In the case of shared room for group travel, request confirmation of consent from participants before departure of the tour.
     ·Please inform the hotel staff if you develop any symptoms such as fever or cough during your stay.


  •  ·Seats will be provided at each venue and restaurant within the facility.
     ·We will reduce the number of people and the number of people at each venue.
     ·At the time of the meeting, we will inform you with a seat interval.
     ·Alcohol disinfectant is installed to facilitate use.We appreciate your cooperation when entering the venue.
     ·Stopped buffet style and plate dishes.
     ·Written description of the cooking contents.
     ·Serving food in a small number of times.
     ·Guidance to maintain social distance before and after opening and closing.
     ·Microphone,Disinfection or replacement of rental equipment after each use.
     ·Seats,Disinfection for each use of table amenities.
     ·The dishes,glass,Cleaning of silver,Thorough disinfection.
     ·If necessary, a splash prevention partition is installed on the moderator's table and table.
     ·Thorough ventilation at banquets and at each banquet.
     ·Please wear a mask until the meal starts.
     ·Please refrain from swirling a cup or a cup and pouring around it.
     ·Please refrain from making loud entertainment.
     ·Ensuring sufficient space with attendees during sideshows.
     ·Please wear a mask until just before the group photo.Please refrain from talking when you remove the mask.
     ·Please avoid crowding when taking snapshots.


  •  ·A splash prevention sheet is installed on the restaurant cashier.
     ·Alcohol disinfectant is installed to facilitate use.We appreciate your cooperation when entering the venue.
     ·Confirmation of customer's health condition with a handy thermometer. (Excludes guests)
     ·General seats, information on seats in private rooms.
     ·When crowded,Entrance restrictions within the store.
     ·Installation of a splash prevention partition on the table.
     ·Seats,Disinfection for each use of table amenities.
     ·Stopped buffet style and plate dishes.
     ·Serving food in a small number of times.
     ·Please wear a mask until the meal starts.
     ·Please refrain from drinking cups and cups.
     ·Written description of the cooking contents.
     ·The number of participants,Stay time limit.
     ·Thorough ventilation of the venue.
     ·Advance reservation is required for breakfast time.


  •  ·Seats will be provided at each venue in this facility.
     ·Information on reducing venues and seating capacity.
     ·At the time of meeting, we will guide you with a space between seats.
     ·Alcohol disinfectant is installed to facilitate use.We appreciate your cooperation when entering the venue.
     ·Conduct guidance to maintain the social distance before and after opening and closing.
     ·Strengthen pre-disinfection of rental equipment such as microphones.
     ·Thorough ventilation at every venue use.
     ·Please wear a mask.

Hot Springs

  •  ·Admission restrictions when crowded.
     ·Use undressing baskets at intervals.
     ·Undressing basket,Thoroughly disinfect alcohol such as lockers.


  •  ·Regarding bus and van transfers, we will limit the number of passengers and guide you with seat intervals.
     ·A splash-proof vinyl sheet is installed between the driver's seat and the seat of the bus or van.
     ·Information on hand disinfection before boarding.
  • The above countermeasure items may be changed or canceled without prior notice, depending on the infection situation in Japan, the request from the government or local government, or the law.Please understand.